10 days of P90x3… and all I got were these stupid abs!

OK… well, they aren’t stupid… they’re AWESOMENESS!!

Yes, it’s only 10 days in of the Classic round of P90x3 and I can already start to see my abs coming back. Where did they go you ask? Well, that’s simple… they’re hidden under a couple Christmas Turkey Dinners with stuffing, a few extra holiday chocolate treats, some festive alcohol, ice cream and an extra helping of skipped workouts. That’s where they’ve gone… and they’ve brought with them love handles!

But that’s OK, because I’ve got Mr. Tony Horton (hears a who) to kick my butt back into shape each and every morning.

I chose the Classic work out over the Lean path, which my wife is taking, because I wanted to build up some missing muscle and burn off the Christmas Trimmings. And so far it’s been great. The first 4 weeks are repeated 1 week intervals. We’ve mixed in some Yoga, cardio, weights and pull-ups (of which I’m having the most issues with – and the most swearing). Regardless, I’m back in the swing of the routine and I’m loving it.

Warrior is my favourite so far, followed closely by Agility X. Least favourite is The Challenge – which is 30 minutes of nothing but push-ups and pull-ups. Have I mentioned that I hate pull-ups? Well I do! Anyway, the over all premise of The Challenge I get – build up strength in your upper body, but I can still hate doing the pull-ups. Back to the Warrior and Agility X – cause these I like. A great mixture in both of agility moves, burpees, push-ups and cardio.

Yoga is interesting… I know it’s needed and I do enjoy the ‘quieting’ of the mind part; but I’m 41… I’m not that flexible! Yet! ha ha.

But here’s the best part of all of this… all the workouts (all 16 different workouts) are only 30 minutes long! That’s right, THIRTY MINUTES! So I get up in the morning, head straight to the ‘play room’, push play on the DVD of the day and crank it for 30! Then I hit the shower, plow down a Shakeology and then off to work. I’m ready for anything! And no matter what the day throws at me, I know I’ve done my fitness for the day. I know I’ve looked after myself. No one can take that away.

I’m excited to get through the first 4 weeks and then hit the second phase of Classic. And I can honestly say, that if you asked me 2 years ago if I ever would look forward to a workout, I would have laughed at you. Now, I cry when I don’t push play!

These 30 minutes are my time for me. From P90x3 to Focus T25 from Shaun T… I’ve eliminated the “I don’t have time” excuse to get fit and healthy. I’m the only one that can motivate myself to workout. I’m the only one that can push play on these home workouts. And  I have 4 people who I’m doing it for. I have no more excuses not to stay healthy.

Thanks Tony and Shaun and Dan and Rachel (these are my DVD friends by the way)… you’ve all made a major difference in my life! And I’m going to continue to push play and be able to bring out all 6 of my abs!


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