The 21 Day fix – aka The Portion Plan

I have been pretty steady with my workouts… and getting to them at least 5 times a week. Morning time has been the time of choice, and for the most part, it’s been a variation of Beachbody workouts. From P90X3, to T25, to Insanity, to Combat… all allow me a quick shot of high intensity sweat, and then off to work I go.

But what has really eluded me, has been the nutrition. Not that it’s been bad (I follow a pretty good Paleo plan and I’ve allowed myself to sneak in a few too many treats), but I have issues with portion sizes.

In the morning, it’s a healthy Shakeology shake with berries, natural peanut butter and water; then lunch is a decent sized bowl of salad with a protein; then dinner is a bunch of veggies and some more protein. The problem is in the sizing… my salad bowl is often referred to as a bucket, and a bunch of greens and proteins for dinner is on a nice large plate stacked higher than it is wide!

So, I knew having a plan to help control my portions would help me. I wouldn’t have to change what I ate… just how much. Thus the 21 Day Fix sounded like the perfect compatriot.

Day 6 and I’ve already lost 5 pounds! YAHOOOOO!!!

How is this possible? Easy. My portions are smaller and more frequent, thus spreading the nutrition out all day as opposed to 3 big meals. Each meal is basically measured out in colour coordinated sizes for the different food groupings. All I need to do is prep the meals (something I was already doing) in the right containers and then just enjoy.

The salads are there, the meats are there, and I’m even getting to eat coconut flakes and chocolate covered raisins… Organic mind you, but still!!!

I’m keeping up with the workouts and with the Paleo nutrition, but now, with the “Fix On”, I’m able to control what I’m eating in a better and more beneficial way.

I’ll check back with you in 15 more days and let you know how it went… I’m sure I’ll be extremely happy with the results!

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