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I am an independent Beachbody Coach here in Victoria. I am excited to have an opportunity to help others reach their health and fitness goals through Beachbody.

My mission is to help you along your fitness journey. Whether it’s to lose 30 pounds or just 5; or if it’s to clean up your eating habits, I have the tools available to help. Your fitness goal is our goal!

Beachbody is a growing company which allows people to get fit at home, feel great about themselves through improved nutrition and potentially earn an income.

As a former Professional Lacrosse player, I was constantly striving to get to the ultimate in health and nutrition. Having a great coaching staff and strong team-mates around me, it was easy to keep my focus on nutrition, exercise and the ultimate goal of winning.

However, once I retired, I no longer had coaches telling me what to do or when to be at practice; I no longer had team-mates to help or help me on the floor during games. It was just me. And I unfortunately, let my focus go… albeit to very important things – work and my family. I didn’t focus on my own health. And that’s when I had to look to myself for motivation and inspiration.
With the help of my wife, I got back into shape. My nutrition focused on clean eating and daily breakfasts of Shakeology. My workouts were 6am home workouts with different DVD’s from Beachbody (P90X, Insanity, Combat, T25).


With that desire back, focus back, and the help of my wife, I lost 30 pounds and have gotten myself back into the best shape of my life… and I’m over 40!!

My joy in life now is giving back. Giving back to the game of lacrosse by coaching my kids and others. Holding lacrosse camps for boys and girls. Coaching my daughters in basketball and lacrosse. Coaching my son’s lacrosse team. And helping others with their own fitness and nutrition goals by being their coach and their form of motivation. This is what I love to do.

I’ll give you 100% and expect nothing in return, other than your own commitment to your health. You only have one life to live… so live it! Every Day!


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