Why we need coaches in our health lives

Sports Teams are successful because they have coaches… lots of coaches. One for offence, one for defence, one for special teams, one for Quaterbacks, or one for goalies… on and on and on. But the more coaches they have, the more their players are getting coached! And players need attention and coaching and leadership to grow and become better athletes. Coaches are there for their players for motivation, skill training, and keeping them on the same goal path as the rest of the team.

So how does this relate to me? Or better… to you?

Simple.  Let me share an example to help explain.

For a bout a year and a half I’ve been getting myself back into shape. Not just by working out 5-6 times a week, but I’ve also cleaned up my nutrition. I’ve become “Paleo”… OK, well not completely. I live by the 80% Paleo 100% of the time – I know I can splurge every now and again and not punish myself. But any ways, Paleo just means that I’ve eliminated as much processed foods out of my diet and then focused on only those foods that a Caveman could have eaten – meats, greens, nuts and berries. I’ve cut out dairy, pasta, bread, wheat, potatoes, rice and sugar as best I can.

All along the way, I’ve had my wife working out with me and following along with the same nutritional values and goals as I have. We’ve been on this journey together.

SHE is my coach. SHE is my accountability partner. SHE keeps me focused on my goals.

On my own, I probably would have slacked off and not been as focused as I am. She helped keep me in line, kept me motivated and been the inspiration for me to be healthier.

That’s what a coach does… Makes me better!

So, now, I’m in it to return the favour. I’m here to help you. I’d like to think that already I’ve had an impact on some of my close friends (one has lost over 50lbs) and my family (none of my kids want to eat fast food any more)… but I don’t want to stop there. I want to keep helping people that I know… even people I don’t know.

And by sharing all the things that I do, and all the things that I can do, I know I can continue to have an impact on people’s health.

So to my coach, my accountability partner, my wife… thank you. Now it’s time for me to help others the same way you’ve helped me!

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