PilatesX… what was I thinking??

Well, Tony Horton was correct when he finishes the DVD with… “Stepping outside your comfort zone”. Well, this was waaaaay out of my comfort zone. And I thought yoga was out of my league!!

I’m currently in the ‘transition’ week (week 4) of P90x3 and it’s supposed to be a week for your body to do a little recovering from the first three weeks. I am personally finding the YogaX, Isometrix and PilatesX some of the most challenging workouts I’ve ever done. I’ve done some hard workouts before – from heavy lifting, to some crossfit, to long distance mountain runs, and I love doing all of them, and other than the heavy lifting, I’m wanting to go back for more.

But what I’m finding with these three other forms of exercise, is that they really, really test my flexibility and balance. No weights. No cardio. Just my  body and stretching it to the limits. I know my body needs it… just as much as the weights and cardio, but man… I this is a whole new world of hurt!

Each time I do them, I do notice myself getting better, but the PilatesX tonight was just so much more different. I didn’t know about the breathing! Wow… that’s an added bit of confusion.

OK… enough whining… I know this is good for me. And I know this is going to make me stronger, more flexible and healthier in the long run. That’s the beauti of the P90x3 Series, it tests all of your limits. The Cardio, the strength, the flexibility, the balance and the concentration are all there. The mixture of different workouts keeps it challenging each day and each block . I am definitely not getting bored!

Just like they say right, “variety is the spice of life”!

Only three days left of the transition, and then back to Block 2 where it looks like I’ll be testing that strength limit again!

Enjoy your health… it’s the only one you have!

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